Organic rice vinegar "Komenosu"

While it has become possible to produce vinegar in short period, we adhere to a slow, quiet stationary fermentation method. From single recipe that has not changed since Sennari has been established, we produce vinegar fermented and aged with microorganisms.


Sennari Co, Ltd has been established since 1927.

We moved to this place 20 years ago in order to use great water to produce all products we have.

Since 90's, we started to focusing on not only delicious, but also healthy products.

We are pioneer of making "all natural" products using ingredients supply from specific farmers around Japan.


In addition, as we hear customers voice, we decided to making "certified organic" products as well.

Even though we are small company, we continue producing high quality products from our hearts.

Sennari vinegar brewery


our Ingridients


We produce not only vinegar but also dressing and sauces from selected ingredients.

Most of those are from trusted supplier around Japan.

Our president visit them each year in harvest season, in order to check the quality and encourage them.  


“Water” is a key factor for making great vinegar.

It took over 10 years only to find a good place to get natural deep water which is soft(around ph7) and suitable for producing vinegar.

Finally we found the place. It "Asacho kuchi " located in north part of Hiroshima city which has lots of snow. Thanks to this snow, we can get this wonderful water.

- Katsushi Ochi -